Sunday, September 30, 2012

Azerbaijan Part 7 - Heydar Aliyev Avenue

Heydar Aliyev Avenue - the heart of the New Azerbaijan - Heydar Aliyev Avenue
Standing at the crossroads of East and West, a city with ancient history now moves to the bright future of world class. It is unforgettable, it is a source of inspiration - a new heart and soul of Baku!
Inspired plan Heydar Aliyev Avenue, based on five simple principles: the new urban centers, the symbol of the city, new public spaces and places, sustainable economic development, and many other different proposals.
All this is evident in the three fundamental concepts.
First: Great Prospect or Grand Avenue which will be simple and the main center for the orientation in the field, with two opposite each other inputs - the gate, as it were of secondary centers for orientation.
Second Street, connecting the areas adjacent to the site of Heydar Aliyev Avenue, will form a close-knit network of both road and pedestrian paths. The third series of areas in each distance will have a character and a program to move to the main street.
Heydar Aliyev Avenue consists of six unique areas: the glorification or celebration (Celebration), where is the entrance through the West Gate, area of ​​Heydar Aliyev Square, other areas, Embankment (Quayside Village), Botanical Garden (Botanic Village ), Area Salvation (Salvation Square) and the East Gate.
Area Rescue and East Gate will serve as a "portal" in a shiny new world, which, as it reshapes Baku.
The area devoted to the honored politician - Heydar Aliyev - the father of modern Azerbaijan. This is the man under whose leadership the country was able to avoid a civil war, and it was he who inspired the creation of both of these areas and asked the general outline of the development of Azerbaijan.
Botanical Garden will be like a mosaic, and yet charming, with unique beauty and splendor of greenery, are a delight of the senses.
Quay (Quayside Village) is the address that says like for himself. On the one hand - this is an attractive water features that will make it exciting, but on the other hand, it is - just a comfortable place to live and work here.
One feature of the Heydar Aliyev Square will be monumental signs and monuments that give tribute to the cultural roots of the city and the country. It will provide an unforgettable experience, and talk about our country, including on the world stage.
Magnet for trade was based on the city's generous natural resource diversified economy. Azerbaijan is not only rich in natural resources, but also develops its economy through tourism, genial hospitality and other services.
It is a symbol of the new Baku, its new relevance and energy, his vision and inspirational motivation.
Sevice (Marketplace) will be in the Heydar Aliyev Avenue one of the most vibrant retail areas. Here, residents and guests can enjoy the best and shops, cafes and restaurants on every occasion.
Celebration Square is the entry point for the West Gate - where the energy alive residential areas, there will accommodate a variety of cultural, entertainment, and recreation centers.
From art galleries will be accessible in the center of art, there was and will be a lot of sporting events. Here is the heart of New Baku.
Celebration on the Square also has a great view from the western gate, which shows the amazing things, paying tribute to the fire - three thousand years of cultural character of the country!
Monumental, symbolic, unforgettable world class city - the heart of the New Azerbaijan - Heydar Aliyev Avenue!
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