Sunday, September 30, 2012

Azerbaijan Part 9 - Health Resort Naftalan

In these places - in the west of Azerbaijan - oil goes directly to the surface of the eyelids. The city Naftalan she found unusual application: here people take oil bath. These Azerbaijanis warm up before a dip in oil, in one of the nursing homes. Most of them suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.
Local experts believe that the elements in the produced oil here, help in the treatment of this disease, but the oil bath - the only form of treatment that is used in a local nursing home. It also uses oil, extracted from the local oil, which is applied to the patient's skin. Although it looks like a food product, but it has healing properties: it acts on the nervous and circulatory systems, and it helps to relieve pain and improve mobility of joints.
Some come here for the treatment of hand, but more importantly, why people tend to naphthalene, is behind these doors: this bath filled with oil. That is, in fact, the treatment room. This bath oil is poured, and we wait for someone to come and immerse yourself in it. Meanwhile Ahliman - you charge here - tell us what is the temperature in the oil:
- Oil is heated to about forty (40) degrees, it is nice and warm, but patients should not be in the bath for more than 10 (ten) minutes because of possible effects on the heart.
As you can see, Zufagar lies in a bath of hot crude oil:
- How do you feel? What it is - to be in a bathtub?
- Feeling fine: warm oil gives my joints to rest and very relaxing.
- Well, we're going, so you can lie here quietly remaining five (5) minutes.
Over time, this should be strongly: when the session ends to clean off off all remnants of oil. In some countries, including the United States, contained in the oil naphthalene officially considered to potential carcinogens, but and here - in Naftalan - sanatorium staff do their best to leave their visitors happy and clean.
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