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Antigua and Barbuda part 3 - The beach is just the beginning

The beach is just the beginning - Antigua Barbuda!
Each island has its own beaches.
Antigua and Barbuda - the beach is just the beginning!
In Antigua and Barbuda a lot of fun and adventure awaits tourists! For example, you can make a sea cruise on a "pirate" ship "Dolly Roger." Swimming is almost all along the coast of Antigua with a stop in the beautiful bay. In the bay you can sunbathe or swim and swim and snorkel.
You can take a so-called "Antigua Tour" - a small-time helicopter flight along the coast of the island of Antigua. The flight takes about 30 minutes, but the impression left by the flight, will remain with you long!
There is also the so-called "Montserrat Tour" - this is about 45 minutes flight by helicopter along the active volcano. The flight is over mountainous terrain, over the beautiful coves and bays of the island.
You can take a jeep safari tour called "Tropical Adventure". The trip is quite hard to reach places on the island.
In Antigua many historical tours, but apart from them, you can just ride a catamaran along the numerous uninhabited islands, or swim with dolphins in the scenic lagoon Marina Bay (Marina Bay).
Among the major attractions of St. John notably the National Museum, as well as picturesque Anglican Cathedral of St. John. One can visit and Fort James. Also worth visiting Falmouth Harbour and English Harbour to go to - a small area in the south of Antigua. In English Harbour are former colonial building, as well as a naval base England, built in the XVII century! It is at this military base once began his military career of the world-Nelson.
Picturesque and attractive Codrington Lagoon - a small area in the west of the island of Barbuda. Codrington Lagoon will be interesting to fans of caves and sea birds. Barbuda on existing and known Devil's Bridge, from which fugitive slaves often thrown into the ocean in desperation to find freedom ...
On the island of Antigua, there are legitimate casinos, you can also take a ride on boats at the local yacht club, opened in Antigua and a diving center. In Antigua there are two excellent golf golf of 18 holes in each field. On the island of Barbuda golf course a little less - a total of 9 holes.
Dickenson bay is considered to be the center of surfing in the whole country! In this bay in January and in July, the international competitions in windsurfing.
Barbuda notable folk festival Caribana, held every year. On the same island of Antigua, is held every spring regatta, known all over the world and were among the major sailing regattas! In August, the Antigua Carnival is held, and in October there is Jazz Festival Antigua.
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