Sunday, September 30, 2012

Azerbaijan Part 10 - Meet the Baku!

Baku Sites
In Baku there is a huge number of museums and monuments of architecture, history and culture of Azerbaijan. Among them are particularly noteworthy museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Carpet Museum, and the Museum of Azerbaijan Literature. Is to go to an art gallery and Azerbaijan.
Of nature reserves, including the following reserves, which are of international importance: Kyzylagach Reserve, Shirvan and Zagatala reserves. Also widely known Ismayilli, Turianchai Girkan and reserves.
One of the most beautiful lakes in the world is Lake Goygol Azerbaijan together with the surrounding beautiful natural places. The lake is located in a wonderful natural complex of the Lesser Caucasus - the so-called Goygol reserve.
Besides the museums, you can visit Baku: Alley of Honor, the Alley of Martyrs, or fire-worshipers temple Atashgah, Baku Zoo, Palace Mukhtarova State Flag Square, Quarter Inner-city which is a UNESCO World Heritage list, the Maiden Tower, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Shirvanshahs Palace, Baku TV tower, parachute tower and many other interesting places! In Baku, numerous ancient mosques and churches, which you can also see.
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