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Azerbaijan part 5 - Dream Island Boyuk Zira

The new project in Azerbaijan - Eco-island! Dream Island Boyuk Zira!
Boyuk Zira (the island has the old name - Nargen) - is a small island in the Caspian Sea near Baku. Boyuk Zira - one of the islands of the Baku Archipelago, the island is located in the very Baku Bay.
Original name of the island Boyuk Zira
Boyuk Zira, the modern name of the island, and it was previously the same original name, it comes from the merger of two Azerbaijani words: "Boyuk," which means "large", and "Jazeera", which translates as "island".
Previously, most of the names of islands of the Baku Archipelago, including Boyuk Zira, were changed by the Russian Cossacks, who came to the Caspian Sea in the XVII century. Since then Boyuk Zira Nargen was renamed in honor of the Emperor Peter I. The fact is that after the war, the northern Swedish island reminded the Russian Emperor Revel islands, which were similar to the names in the Gulf. Baku archipelago of islands since worn German names like "Nargen" and Estonian names like "Nartingen", which means "narrow strait." Only in 1990 did the skeleton Nargen officially Azerbaijan regained its original name.
The strategic importance of Boyuk Zira
Boyuk Zira Island is only ten miles from Baku, in connection with which the island is of strategic importance for Azerbaijan. Not surprisingly, Boyuk Zira Island is subordinate to the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan. Boyuk Zira is a fairly rocky territory. In January 2008, construction was completed on the water line to the island village Lokbatan Boyuk Zira.
Island Lighthouse Boyuk Zira
Island Lighthouse began working since 11 December 1884. Built on the west of the island, the lighthouse provided the courts to secure the entrance to the Baku bay at night. Lighthouse was a one-story brick residential building with a three-meter tower on the roof. On the tower lighthouse is a powerful flashlight. Way for ships lit kerosene-wick burners, and then, later on, and a gas lantern, with light-optical apparatus, which has been specially made for this in Sweden.
Unfortunately, in 1941, the outbreak of World War II, the building of the lighthouse was blown up on the orders of the Soviet military command. The fact that the building is a beacon could be a good reference for the Luftwaffe, which naturally had feared. The island began bringing anti-aircraft guns to defend Baku from air raids in Germany. Lighthouse restored only in 1958, it is this - the new - the lighthouse and operates to this day. In the middle of the island Boyuk Zira on his hill was built a stone vosemnadtsatimetrovaya tower, which is equipped with sophisticated optical navigation system. Beacon light visible at a distance of 20 - 30 kilometers from Baku!
Modern Boyuk Zira
In our time, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the island Boyuk Zira planned to build many modern recreation center. The project, called "Dream Island", is estimated at approximately U.S. $ 2 billion! Recreation complex will include more than a thousand houses, about three thousand buildings, international university, hospital, golf courses, an area of ​​100 hectares and a host of other administrative and public facilities.
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