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Azerbaijan part 4 - Welcome to Azerbaijan!

Welcome to Azerbaijan
"Welcome to Azerbaijan!" - With a hearty greeting you will be met in the country with an ancient history, which is located in the Caucasus on the west coast of the Caspian Sea. In a country with amazing nature, a rich heritage, friendly nature, and unique fusion of Eastern and Western cultures, will welcome everyone! This is one of those places where you feel at home in the country.
In 1991 Azerbaijan regained its independence. At that time, during the tenure of the world famous national leader Heydar Aliyev, tourism has become one of the priorities of the country. The growing interest of government in tourism is reflected not only in the reconstruction of buildings and historical sites, but also in advertising campaigns. The contribution of President Ilham Aliyev, established a Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2006, gave a new impetus to the further development of tourism in Azerbaijan.
Amazing nature Caucasus surely captivate any visitor of this country. The breathtaking mountain scenery, fantastically beautiful rivers, plains and forests, in the shade of which you can escape from the summer heat. Together with the picturesque foothills of the succession and the beaches on the coast of the Caspian Sea were created to enjoy and admire their beauty. Nine different climate zones have generated a huge variety of natural scenery in Azerbaijan. The slopes of the hills, covered with greenery, rocks, snow-capped mountain peaks, rich flora and fauna of all this makes the country a haven for nature lovers. All of the natural diversity of the cold mountain springs to hot beaches of golden sand is waiting for you, offering a variety of activities and entertainment for all tastes.
At the same time, the ancient heritage and cultural traditions of the people of Azerbaijan, is a storehouse of secrets and mysteries, to be more open. It is a place where East meets West, and North and South - located in an area where the Great Silk Road - Azerbaijan has become the cradle of many civilizations. Unique rock paintings and historical sites of great interest to researchers and adventurers.
Maiden Tower and other strongholds of Ismayilli, also known as Caspian and Atlanta, surrounded by old walls and fords, guests reveal their secrets, which date back to the memorable times. In Caucasian Albania can meet various monuments, from the Zoroastrian temples and churches, the period of early Christianity, to the magnificent medieval mosques and tombs. The cave is mentioned in the Holy Qur'an, represents the spiritual connection of Azerbaijan people, but this is just a small part of the mysterious culture of Azerbaijan - the land on which he trod Noah.
Charm of oriental culture hidden in the palace, baths, bazaars and oriental style villages, all of which is one of the most attractive features of Azerbaijan.
Baku - this unique city a real open-air museum, which brought wonderful examples of different architectural styles, from the east to the romanticism of Gothic and Baroque, as evidence of exceptional intertwining cultures. Numerous art galleries, theater, opera, the center of traditional music of Azerbaijan - Mugam, and Classical Folk Music, workshops for the production of carpets and handicraft exhibitions can be found only in Baku.
Azerbaijani tea will be served in traditional copper samovars. World famous Azerbaijani cuisine for any guest will be one of the most pleasant memories, as well as the best way to relax and enjoy your time in this country.
What's more - fantastic nature of Azerbaijan may be treated. Many people with serious illnesses are already successfully cured. In Azerbaijan is the largest number in the world of miracle salt caves. Now they are used for medical purposes. Mountain spring water has a curative effect on many diseases. Incomparable miracle properties has Naftalan oil. In order to receive treatment for the many guests Naftalan, built a special resort town of naphthalene.
Welcoming reception - is an art to the people of Azerbaijan, which dates back to the time when, through the lands along the Silk Road. The centuries-old tradition of hospitality continues in our time, excellent service and advanced network of modern hotels and holiday homes. Several recreational centers and hotels have been built in a special style that reflects the spirit of these places to make your stay in Azerbaijan even more wonderful and attractive.
Without a doubt, you will not remain indifferent hospitable country with an ancient history, full of secrets and mysteries. Azerbaijan, captivating travelers for centuries, and can be a country of your dreams. However, we should make an important warning: sometimes the guests fall in love with this country so that they no longer want to leave. This is the case when the hospitable Azerbaijan speaks from the heart, "Welcome to Azerbaijan!"
Our heartfelt thanks for the creation of the Russian-language version of the film Heydarova Wali Aghabala Ogly citizen of Azerbaijan, member of the "New Azerbaijan Party", philanthropist and entrepreneur.
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