Sunday, September 30, 2012

Azerbaijan Part 1 - Night in Baku!

Azerbaijan - Baku Stunning views of the night.
Attractions in Azerbaijan
In Azerbaijan, you can visit over 130 amazing museums, galleries, and their affiliates. Unique are ancient mausoleums, such as the Mausoleum of Yusif, Momina Khatun, Towers of Absheron peninsula, Deery Baba mausoleum and many others. In the mountains, there are: Boyukdash, Gobustan Kichikdash, Shongardag, Dzhingirdag, Shyhgaya. There are many other attractions!
The largest reserves are: Kyzylagach, Shirvan, Zagatala, Girkan and many others. The country has preserved relic riparian forests that are intact, there are more than 13 million years! Nowhere else in the world, these forests do not occur.
Baku Sites
Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, decorate attractions: Old Town, Maiden Tower, built in the VII - XII centuries XV century caravanserai, "Bail Stones» XII century. The city is the great number of mosques and the striking minaret Synyk Kala, built in XI century. The city has seven theaters, and more than 30 museums, among which special mention: Azerbaijan Carpet Museum, Museum of Art, the Museum of Applied Arts, and many others.
Also, you should visit the museum "Shirvanshahs Palace» XV century - is a real jewel of the Azerbaijani architecture, which is located in the old fortress of Baku.
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