Sunday, September 30, 2012

Azerbaijan Part 2 - Welcome to Azerbaijan!

Welcome to Azerbaijan! Promotional video created by the Ministry of Tourism.
The largest cities are Baku Azerbaijan, Ganja, Sumgayit. The country is in the first millennium BC, was inhabited by the manna, and later settled here Medes. Later, these lands became part of the Persian Empire. Since the end of VII century AD, the Arabs conquered the country, which have brought a Islam.
With XI - XII century there lived mainly Turkic tribes, but by the XVII century Azerbaijan has rejoined the Persian Empire. Only in the XIX century on the land claim was Russia. According to the agreements of 1813 and 1828 years, Azerbaijan has completely passed to the Russian Empire.
Azerbaijan became independent only in 1918, but only briefly. In 1920 there was proclaimed the Soviet Socialist Republic of Azerbaijan, combined later - in 1922 - along with Georgia and Armenia into the Transcaucasian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic. Only in 1936 Transcaucasian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic split again, and Azerbaijan joined the USSR had as a separate republic. Modern history began on 30 August 1991, when the country declared its independence.
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