Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ukraine part 7 - Welcome to Crimea!

Unknown Europe: visit the beautiful Crimea in southern Ukraine
Enjoy the stunning beauty of the Crimean nature! Take in the magnificent palaces and picturesque park! Visit the legendary hero city of Sevastopol, and much, much more! Watch this video, you will want to visit the Crimea, which is located in Ukraine.
The video uses music: DJ Ravin-Piano Dream and The Orchard Music
Welcome to Crimea!
After only a few days in the Crimea, you'll be pleasantly surprised! Some of the most beautiful scenery you'll ever see, are found in the Crimea. In addition to the amazing nature and Crimea is known for its very interesting, hospitable local color. Having been in the Crimea at least once, at least a couple of days, you really want to come back here ever again to explore the sights and nature of Crimea properly!
History of Crimea
With a history of Crimea, with its wonderful historical monuments and architectural masterpieces can learn, perhaps forever! Studying the history of the Crimea will take great pleasure for the most inquisitive readers and help ordinary travelers. History of Crimea goes back to antiquity: First, Crimea was a province of the Roman Empire, then the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and finally, Russia, the USSR, and now Ukraine. Crimean land contains many treasures, brought here by various peoples of the world and a wonderful Crimean history is largely linked to the world history!
Fauna of the Crimea
Crimea has a unique geographical location, so that you can meet particular the flora and fauna of the peninsula. In addition to the typical southern regions of Ukraine, where we meet the animals around the Mediterranean. Many of these species are found only in the Balkans or the Caucasus and Asia Minor or the Aegean Islands, and some of them are endemic, ie unique!
Geography of Crimea
Despite the fact that the Crimean peninsula is small in size, however, the nature and geographically Crimea largely original, and very detached. In Crimea, a unique combination of two entire territory: lowlands, plains and mountain-plain, and the low-lying plain-steppe is a continuation of the Great Russian Plain. In Crimea, surprisingly in miniature are almost all landscapes and nature of our planet - the plains and the mountains, the sea and the rivers and lakes, forests and steppes, also it begins the transition from temperate to subtropical climate and are present mountain and forest systems, in combination with the huge black-earth space.
The climate of the Crimea
Crimean weather is warm and sunny. Despite this, the weather can be very Crimea volatile and even diverse. The climate of the Crimea strongly influences sea and majestic mountains. Mountains close tightly southern coast of Crimea from the northern, cold winds and the sea, greatly warmed in the summer, it slowly cools and releases its heat in the fall and winter, so in the Crimea is very soft and warm autumn "velvet season". Crimea is one of the sunniest regions of the Earth. Sea breeze does not form clouds, so in summer and winter in the Crimea a lot of sunny days - here they are, even more than in the Krasnodar region of Russia!
Rest in Crimea
On vacation in the Crimea can say almost indefinitely on the grounds that it is a unique peninsula on diversity of nature, attractions and beauty. The variety of leisure and landscape attracts millions of tourists every year. Rest in Crimea is amazing and unique, this is not just a great opportunity to spend a holiday away from the city, you can improve your health and healing through the air juniper forests, medicinal mud lakes and sea water. In addition, the rest in Crimea - is a great opportunity to touch the ancient history of the world, and the ability to see the unique flora and fauna of the peninsula. Crimea is very diverse and beautiful and friendly - the doors are always open and the Crimea gladly welcome new guests!
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