Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ukraine part 6 - Amazing Crimea

Production: Vidima Studio MAX - Much more about Ukraine!
Amazing Crimea
Amazing Crimea ... For many people the word "Crimea" is associated with a carefree happiness, joy, clear sunny skies and gentle sea! And so it is, in fact not a simple Crimea peninsula, this is a whole fairy-tale fairyland carefree holiday, sea and sun. At least once, having been in the Crimea, you'll want to come back here again. Each person in the Crimea was something special and leave a part of yourself here - you can soar above the waves in the Bay of Balaclava beautiful, you can enjoy the majestic peaks of Karadag, or dive in the clear sea near Tarkhankuta.
First visit Crimea, and after your return from ancient Cimmeria, it is unlikely you will find peace in your soul. All my thoughts, you will want to come back and see again the beautiful cliffs, beautiful beaches, forests - where you just left a part of me, part of my soul.
You are sure to return to the Crimea and immediately feel that this is where the soul of the Russian people infancy! It is in these spaces of the sea breeze pick up sea spray, mixing them with the first rays of the rising sun, adding a glow of an ancient volcano, sea waves and dust Meganom, juniper trees and rocks, steppes and mountains, ancient castles and amazing scenery ... Just seeing all this beauty You can understand why a person is happy when, after a long absence, he returned to the Crimea - a feeling truly like a return to his home!
Getting off the train in the morning, and seeing as the sunrise illuminates the peaks of cypress, as through the silence and the beautiful singing of birds came the gentle whisper of the sea - what could be better? And then comes the understanding that that's - you're happy! You know that will soon visit the ancient Ayudag through scattered clouds will see the beauty of Ai-Petri, came to the New World and the Sea of ​​Azov, the outcome of the coast and the foot was already tired from the heat by diving into the cool sea, and then, already on the way back carefree stroll along the beach, you suddenly begin to smile!
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