Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ukraine Part 16 - Alupka and Vorontsov Palace

Crimea, Alupka. Palace of Count Vorontsov. Beethoven's music.
Vorontsov Palace in Crimea is a wonderful architectural monument and museum complex in the whole Crimea. The palace also includes a wonderful palace and park. Movie is based on amateur photos and videos, music by Beethoven.
Vorontsov Palace
Prince Palace MS Vorontsov, without a doubt, is the most famous attraction of Alupka. The author of this remarkable architectural complex, became world-famous Edward Blair - the representative of English architecture. He managed to skillfully link completely different architectural styles, and most importantly - bring it all to life! It is thanks to the architect Blair who managed to combine different forms of the style, the Vorontsov Palace acquired its unique romantic look.
Original appearance of the Vorontsov Palace is reflected in the many interior rooms, of which there are more than 150 (one hundred fifty)! And each of the rooms is decorated in it's own unique style.
In modern times, the Palace Museum is open, brought together more than 11 (eleven) of thousands of items! In the resort, the museum is working seven days a week, but sometimes it can be closed due to arrival of important foreign guests.
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