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Ukraine Part 14 - Palace of Princess Gagarina in Crimea

The video shows the resort "The Rock" and the Palace of Princess Gagarin, which is a monument of architecture of the early XX century, and is protected by the state.
Sanatorium "Rock" and the Palace of Princess Gagarina in Crimea
In Crimea there are many ancient cultural sites, but among them there are, the history of which is not that long. Despite its relatively recent history, these monuments have already managed to gain popularity and become known to the world.
One of these attractions is the Cape Plaka, a picturesque corner of the South Coast of Crimea. Here rises the huge three-storey palace, which resembles a medieval castle. At the Palace directly above the main entrance is carved coat of arms of Prince Gagarin, the Latin inscription which reads: "In ancient times - the power."
Amazingly beautiful palace was built by Princess Gagarina, in memory of her deceased husband. The palace became a kind of reminder of the beautiful love that broke out in the heart of a Russian general, in response to the feelings of the young Georgian princess. In just three years, Tasso - so called beauty of the ancient Georgian Orbeliani kind - was the wife of Prince Alexander Gagarin. Gagarin served as adjutant of Count Vorontsov, former Governor-General of Kutaisi. During their life and service in Georgia was dominated very uncertain times, and Alexander Gagarin was shot Svanetian prince.
Experiencing bereavement, widow of Prince few months could not get out of his room, but then - in 1857 - went to the village of Kuchuk Lambat, which was the name of her husband. It was in this village during his life Gagarin wanted to build a magnificent knight's castle by the sea. The widow lived in the village is very lonely, and never go out. Only in 1902, when the princess was 70, she finally began to translate in a granite dream of her husband - began construction of the Gothic fairytale castle.
Palace designed by renowned architect Nikolai Krasnov, who designed Yalta, and by 1907 the building was complete. In the same year, on completion, Princess Gagarin died ...
Built in the style of "modern", Palace of Princess Gagarina combines both elements of the German "Gothic": imitation walls, angular towers, the unusual shape of the roof. Palace is unusual in that each of its sides in their own peculiar. On the one hand, the facade of the Palace on the sea and is similar to the medieval castle, seeming unapproachable, on the other hand - the main entrance to the castle gives the impression of triumph and glory thanks to the huge windows. Inside the castle is preserved gilded moldings, located on the walls and ceiling, as well as on the walls of the main staircase, preserved and carved oak paneling.
On the facade of the castle is imported from Italy, ceramic tiles with gold color, and on the windows - "Venetian" glass imported from France, on the roof of the castle - the German tile. Despite this diversity, the palace built of local gray limestone, whose surface is sometimes smooth and sometimes as a "rough", "wild" - depending on the style that is chosen architect. The most beautiful, of course, is the facade of the Palace - he surprisingly entwined grapes, thus making the whole palace is easily recognizable.
Around the palace stretches a magnificent landscaped park, which was founded here in 1813. In the park are cypress avenues, fountains and XIX centuries. This landscaped parks were laid simultaneously with the Nikitsky botanical garden. The park estate Kuchuk Lambat was more than 20 acres, it has collected more than a 200 different types of plants from the Mediterranean, South America and Japan. The forests: laurel and cypress, Lebanese cedar and sycamore, cherry laurel and juniper, yew berry almond, pomegranate and olive trees, sequoia and strawberry, as well as many other types of plants.
Near the castle is another interesting landmark - a small church Princess Gagarina, made from cut diorite. The church was built in the Byzantine style, and next to the church in the ancient cypress grove, near the tip of Cape Plaka, is the family vault Princes Gagarin.
In modern times in front of the Palace set the sculpture "Memory of Love", which is represented in bronze, the very image of Princess Anastasia Gagarina. On the marble pedestal of the monument as it refers to the castle, which she never bothered to get along with her beloved husband ... Young and elegant, but a little sad woman holding her rose - a symbol of fidelity and love!
In the XIX century the estate was quite bright spot of the Crimea - here often stopped by writers and poets, and many other famous people. At different times it was visited by such world-famous people, such as: A. Griboyedov, G. Olizara, V. Zhukovsky, Murav'ev, V. Tumansky, AS Pushkin!
In 1927, in Yalta was a strong earthquake, which resulted in the palace was badly damaged - by more than half, but despite this, he was again rebuilt and restored. At present, the building housed the former Palace of housing administration Sanatorium "The Rock".
In these places steeped romance - and the old beautiful park, and the amazing beauty of "medieval" Palace and the ancient Cape Plaka, and even the waves of the sea seemed to be telling us the story of eternal love Princes Gagarin: Alexandra and Anastasia.
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