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Argentina Part 7 - Buenos Aires. Around the World

Buenos Aires. Around the World
It is an old post office building in Buenos Aires. We immediately see that the building was constructed before 1826 - such in less than two dozen. The fact that in that year a law was passed forbidding the construction of buildings with corners. Besides there were two reasons: first, that an honest man is not attacked from behind, and that he had time to prepare, ie thus trying to reduce crime. And secondly, the way to make room for a turn on - and without - the narrow streets.
Imagine, if our roads are in full crisscrossed coach in Buenos Aires is seriously thinking about whether it is convenient to turn machines. The city really has always been on the side of good technical progress.
Here is a piece of the old bridge, once the streets of Buenos Aires were paved here such uncomfortable stones. By the way, today's residents began complaining, why do not the way to finish and left some stones, and then the City installed a sign that it is a historical object. A stone came here from around the world by ship. Authorities obliged to bring the payload - every ship that came into the port of Buenos Aires.
And under the historic bridge is the oldest branch of the subway. Actually subway in Buenos Aires, completely normal, just like us, and technical marvel early XX century left in the memory of the past. The metro Buenos Aires five (5) branches underground. This is the most unique - these cars go here since 1913, they are made of wood. Argentina generally only one country in Latin America, where there is a subway, and in Buenos Aires, it appeared one of the first in the world. Thus, in early XX century the subway was only in London, Paris, New York, and here - in Buenos Aires.
To pass on the old metro line in Buenos Aires can be just a couple of blocks - still managed to recover only a small part of what was at the beginning of XX century. I came to the surface in an area inhabited mostly French settlers. They also say that this is the most liberal area of ​​morals.
Sometime in the XVIII-century that the area of ​​San Telmo was the richest in Buenos Aires, and settled here portenos - so called citizens themselves, and the word translated as "the people of the port." They lived in very interesting houses, and at one point Porteno were so many in the area, they received only a portion of the house, that is, facade facing the street was 15 meters (fifteen) long and deep it could go up to 50 (fifty) and even by one hundred (100) meters. Here is the meaning of the house, it all belonged to one owner - called "house-banger."
San Telmo was not so great location: close to the port, and the streets were rich transports, and in the end brought the same infection. The area has experienced two epidemics, were killed a lot of rich people - as a whole 25 (twenty five) thousand. The area was deserted and the government, to somehow populate it opened the way immigrants. "House-sausage" became communal.
Now the majority of immigrants from the region moved down - the government has decided to organize on the ground floors of houses antique shops: it sold all that was produced in the country until the year 1950. For these things you can learn the history of Argentina.
Certificates of quality and authenticity is not found, but all very identity - where else can you see the old chandeliers, where instead of glass inserted quartz plate.
The market for many tourists and people who know each bench - they meticulously walk between the rows, they know the names of sellers, communicate, are traded.
Thousands of miles away from home - in Argentina - on the antiques market in San Telmo, you can use all the usual mobile services, and services. The fact that the *** gives you a uniform tariff throughout the region: Asia, Australia and Africa, and from here you can safely send sms, mms, use the Internet, and the main thing is not to worry about the cost - rate the same everywhere. Can communicate with their loved ones as much as you used to. Here are my friends addicted to antiques, and I decided to send them a picture mms-message from the market - let them know what is plenty of choice.
They sell old clothes and that's such a beautiful theater hats - they can take it, to measure. I definitely want to try on this, in my opinion, the most extravagant, do not even know how to wear it.
- Excuse me, but how to wear it?
- Dress down.
- So how do I look? As Diva 30-ies, and you? Can you try it?
- Haha, this is my style, I love these.
- Oh, Perfecto! You very well, great!
Of course, that's such a hat should be worn by those to whom they go.
All earn, how can: there is still a high level of unemployment, although there are people who work on the street, they say - by vocation.
Residents of the city make a lasting impression - all different, with their own quirks and oddities. This, in my opinion, they are very similar to Europeans. Many have unusual hobbies, hobby. Streets themselves as the people who go on them, deserve no less attention.
In the evening, the streets of Buenos Aires come here are guys - kartoneros - professional builders board. The fact that the citizens spread evening in large black garbage bags, the bags break them, and take out what they need: garbage. This is by no means a homeless - people have a job, it's their job. The fact that 2001 was the year of the devaluation of the peso, and many people had nowhere to go, no job, and the president told them - "well, collect cardboard." So, well, my friend, have lumped quite a lot, there is his bag on top of cardboard. That, and we're looking for him to fit a bunch more stuff to cart. In fact kartoneros - this is the real local mafia, they are all here divided into districts.
- And that's normal, look. So ... Yeah, great, let us help you. Oh, I have to untie the bag can not, and does that real kartoneros just three seconds. By the way, I saw that some of the townspeople leave cardboard separately from the collection, and it is much easier task kartoneros, yes that is. Because otherwise they just like that open and garbage lying along the road, which is not very good and not very tidy.
- Oh, look, here are some waste, I probably will not reveal them. No, well, perhaps I'll leave it to professionals, because these open obedochkah somehow did not really want me to dig. Pretty Dirty Jobs.
- Oh, how I have it done, accurate, time - all folded and tied back, and put it on the sidewalk. I do not know why they do not like? In my opinion it is completely harmless and a good friend.
Buenos Aires as Moscow - never sleeps. In the evening, the people became almost more than the day: people walk, play, and as we all seek the central streets of the city. In the evening, the street Korientos shines and shimmers with lights, it - Argentine Broadway, there are more than 200 (two hundred) of large and small theaters.
Here is the famous Colon Opera House, Operetta, and for some reason many popular here Variety Show. Operetta at the building, I noticed a large crowd of fans surrounding the star.
- I'm an actress Chin Zorrilla. How are you? Well, thank you! Ha! I know a little Russian.
- You pretty well.
- I studied Russian in Paris. You know who my teacher? Fat! Ha ha!
- What?
- Sasha Tolstoy, second generation.
- Thank you very much!
- Goodbye.
At first glance, Buenos Aires impression utter Europe: the feeling that you are somewhere in France, but only to familiarize themselves with the Argentines, their temperament, you know that it's still Latin America!
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