Sunday, September 23, 2012

Argentina Part 2 - Natural and cultural resources of Argentina

This video represent tourism advertisment in Argentina. Argentina is one of the most beautiful country in Latin America. Its people are amazing, amazing and culture of the country, and the land of Argentina are very beautiful.
Attractions of Argentina
One of the main attractions of Argentina is its unusual nature. It is in Argentina you can find many relict species. The largest protected areas of the country are the following beautiful National Parks: Lanin, Los Menhiras, Nahuel Los Glasyares, Lo-Kadones, El Kokuna, Pikomayo, Iguazu, Los Arryanes, Fitzroy, El Palmar de Colon and El Ray, and many others.
Particular attention will be attracted Provincial Park cops-Kawah and sanctuaries Ibero marshes, beautiful plains of the Chaco, and other numerous attractions.
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