Sunday, September 23, 2012

Argentina Part 5 - The Festival of Tango in Buenos Aires

The Festival of Tango in Buenos Aires - World Stage Tango 2009 Category

We started to upload videos of WORLD!

Yes sir, this is the first of the videos that we'll share with you, feel comfortable in making the comments but they come in wanting EYE!

People are going to post deserves all our respect because they broke their backs to show their art and please transmitiento a message, essences of TANGO they say.

Then accept constructive criticism but an angry comments we will delete OK?

Well, one last clarification, we break the back 2xTango also going all the time looking for material for you dear subscribers of this project but we morfamos so here we have incorporated some friends sponsors who are the first to believe in this crazy project called 2xTango AND SO CAN HELP PAY OUR Viaticum filling us because we are not far from GOLD, just want to live in what we like: tango.

We believe that we are putting light on both beautiful dance that is in Buenos Aires and who likes to be banque peach fuzz!

1 - Thanks to Tango.
2 - Thanks to the artists writers, musicians, dancers, tango dancers, milongas organizers and all the bugs have lying around in the milongas.
3 - Thanks to the sponsors who really friends without them we could not morfar that are:
Neotango, Fabioshoes, Victorio Shoes, Tango Leike, Darcos Tango, Mariposita of San Telmo, the Tango Studio 2x4 Passiontango tour, La Rocca Hostel, Daniel Lapadula, Ruben Diez (Tango Champion 2008 and a phenomenon of sorts), and Jorge Dispari The Turk, Ariadna Naveira, Fernando zanchez, Daniel Nacucchio, Hernan Rodriguez, Jorge Firpo, Fernando Galera and Vilma Vega, Virginia Pandolfi, Fabian Peralta, Maxi Cristiani, Christian Marquez (Los Totis) and every customer that I love you for believing in us .
4 - Thanks to my wife.
5 - Thanks to my kids for an old prop that comes paddling and make me happy.
6 - Thanks to my parents because the letters that had him out a few beans to life.
7 - Thanks to my enemies because I am being taught by leaps and bounds.
8 - Thanks to those who still do not believe in us but to be heating the kettle to come to have some mates.

Daniel. TANGO Viva!

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