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Algeria part 3 - Top Videos About Algiers

Video of Algiers - Attractions in Algeria
Along the coast of Algeria is a huge amount of Phoenician and Roman ruins, in addition there are ruins and Byzantine era. The most popular include the excavation of ancient ruins near the capital - Jamie. In Cemil a magnificent Basilica, Temples, an ancient Forum and even the Arch of Triumph.
Especially popular among tourists as Timgad and Tipassa, which is Royal Mausoleum of Mauritania.
In Algiers can visit Medina - an ancient city, hidden behind a fortress wall. Noteworthy is the tomb of Saint Sidi Abderrahmane. Gorgeous and Mosque Jamaa al-Jadid.
Would be quite interesting, and Ethnographic Museum Bardo, in which a rich collection of ancient artifacts. Interestingly, and National Museum of Fine Arts.
In the city of Oran is the Citadel of Santa Cruz, as well as the Great Mosque, built in the XVII century, and is located in the town of Blida mosque, according to legend was built by the pirate Barbarossa!
You can visit the city of Annaba, where the ruins of the ancient city Afrodizium. In the city of Constantine is a wonderful Roman Citadel. The tomb is located in Biskra Okba ibn Nafi. Okabe ibn Nafi was a prominent Islamic conquest of North Africa.
You can visit one of the most beautiful places in the world - the city of Algiers. First saw this beautiful land, you will enjoy the striking landscapes of their whiteness, and typical of the legendary Arabian architecture.
The Great Mosque of Algiers - Jamea El Kebir
Jamea El Kebir or the Great Mosque of Algiers, is one of the largest mosques throughout Algeria. The mosque was built in the late tenth century, and is located on the Rue de la Mare. The mosque was fully completed only in 1097 by Sultan Ali ibn Yusuf of the Almoravid dynasty. In honor of the Sultan named one of the minarets of mosques, created a little later - in 1324. In 1840, on the outer wall of the mosque was a gallery.
The Great Mosque is located in the north-eastern part of the city, in the historic district of the Kasbah (Casbah) near the harbor, next to the Chamber of Commerce of Algeria. The mosque has a rectangular courtyard with sides 38 to 46 meters, and 9 to 11 meters. Narrow sides of the rectangle lined Gallery Mosque. The same construction plans have been reproduced in many other Islamic religious structures, such as the Al-Aqsa Mosque Maghreb.
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