Thursday, September 27, 2012

Algeria Part 1 - Algeria Attractions

Welcome to Algeria! Types of Algeria in flight. - Travel and tourism in Algeria.
In Algeria, there is a huge number of attractions, including notably the numerous mosques, the Citadel, as well as many museums.
Of the national parks of Algeria is located in the south cancel National Park Tassili. Algerian Kabyle Mountains are famous for the beautiful gorge Schiff, which means "mouth."
Great Eastern Erg
Of course, the main tourist attraction in the country is the Sahara Desert. In Algeria, there are plenty of excursions deep into the Great Eastern Erg. Great Eastern Erg is considered as the biggest ergom (sandy sea Sahara).
Is the Great Eastern Erg in northern Algeria, but part of Erg in the north-east of the country through the territory of Tunisia. The Grand Erg can travel a few hours to two weeks! It hosts a hiking and excursions on camels and jeeps.
Gems of the desert can be noted Ouargla city - the so-called "Golden Key" Desert. You can visit the amazing city Mzab with a rare, amazing architecture, or the city of Beni Isgen, which is impressive for the gates.
Amazing Beni Isgen
In Beni Isgene is the most original market throughout Algeria! According to ancient legend, no outsider (or other residents, or aliens) - has no right to spend the night in Beni Isgene. That's why, every night the city gates Beni Isgena closed until the next morning.
Make a tour of the city only with a local guide, and residents are prohibited to photograph. No shorts and mini skirts are not allowed when visiting this beautiful town.
Market town and really striking: here like the opposite. Buyers sit large triangle, and sellers go with their goods among buyers.
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