Monday, February 23, 2015

The best Cruise yachts in the World

1.«Eclipse» One of the newest yachts of Roman Abramovych, he is a big fan of the sea cruises. It is 162, 5 m long that makes it the longest yacht in the world. According to the mass media, this vessel cost $1.12 billion, but its real price is unknown.

2. «Al Said» The magnificent yacht of sultan Muscat Kabusa Ben Saida Albussaida. The most enormous yacht on the deadweight – 15 850 tons. The price is unknown.

3.«Dubai» One of the most expensive and magnificent yachts in the world, belonging to the emir of Dubai, Mohammed ibn Rashyd al- Maktumu. Its price is $350 million. It is the vessel with 8 decks, which can place more than 100 passengers on board and provide any entertainments.

4. «Lady Moura» This yacht has been constructed in 1991 by request of sheikh Nasera al-Rashyda of Saudi Arabia. For a long time it has been the most expensive yacht in the world — its price exceeds $210 million. On the board of the ship there is a pool, two boats, a platform for the helicopter and many other things. (JSN ImageShow).

5. «Rising Sun» The impressive yacht CEO of Oracle Company of Larry Allison and producer David Geffena. The vessel has five decks and can reach speed of 28 knots per hour, which is more than 50 km/h. Its price - $200 million. (David Geffen).

6. «Octopus» Belongs to cofounder of Microsoft Company, Paul Allen. Besides the standard set of luxuries, yacht has its own submarine (as well as in “Pelorus”). Its price - $200 million. (Martin & Yvonne).

7. «Pelorus» One of the Roman Abramovych’s yachts. It cost $130 million. They say that this vessel can make around the world cruises without the refueling. Onboard, there is a small submarine and even special lightning devices “Antipaparazi” (Ari Helminen).

8. «Venus» It is the youngest among the above stated yachts, floated only in October, 2012. It is designed by Philippe Stark for the former CEO of Apple Steve Jobs, who unfortunately has not had time to see his dream afloat. Its price - $130 million.

9. «Smeralda»  The brand new yacht floated in May, 2012. Its price - $100 million. Among the characteristics – personal open-air cinema, spa-salon, and helicopter platform.

10. «A» The yacht of the authorship of well-known designer Philippe Stark for the Russian billionaire Andrii Melnichenko. According to hearsay, the vessel’s price can reach $300 million, and its maintenance would cost – $20 million annually. (Philippe Stark)


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