Monday, February 23, 2015

Do you tell your parents you’re a Traveling Girl?

You did it! You logged on to MissTravel, registered for an account AND made contact with somebody who wants to take you on a trip with them. Maybe this whole thing isn’t too good to be true after all, huh? You’re packing your bags, you’re making all the arrangements, but what the heck do you tell your friends and family?  Should you tell them that you’re now a Travel Girl?

Let’s face it, not everyone is going to understand. It’s a new concept that will take some getting used to, but you’re an adult and you make your own decisions. You came here because you wanted to travel, and now you have the chance to. Are you going to pass that chance up just to avoid a difficult conversation?

When it comes to travel, safety always comes first. It would be unwise to leave the state, and especially the country without letting somebody know where you’re going. If you think your parents just won’t understand, try telling a friend or a sibling first. If you’re close to your parents and you’re heading out of the country for a week, then you probably do need to mention it.

This is not a casual conversation that should take place via phone or text either. The chance of your parents being supportive of you going on a first date to Mexico with someone you met over the Internet diminishes greatly if you break it to them by text. If you are going to tell someone, get your itinerary ready, and present all the facts in person.

Do you tell your parents that you’re planning to take a vacation with a man who’s acting as your sponsor – do you tell your friends?  What would you say to your friends and family?  How would you tell them?

In the next blog post I’ll be looking at the pros and cons of letting the cat out of the bag and telling your family and friends what you’re planning to do.


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