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Abkhazia Part 3 - Gagra

Gagra, located 22 (twenty two) kilometers from Adler, and fifteen (15) kilometers from the Russian-Abkhaz border, situated on the shore of a calm bay on the small terrace, sandwiched between the sea and the mountain ranges. The mountains protect the city from the cold winds that blow from the mainland and from the sea to warm the warm air masses. Climatic conditions is one of the best places on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, the warmest and driest.
The history begins with the town of Gagra II century BC. On the territory of Gagra was a greek triglyphs. In V - VI centuries in Gagra on the site of the ancient settlement was built fortress. Inside there is a building in the shape of the Basilica VI - VII centuries.
The history begins with the resort Gagra cousin of Nicholas II, the Prince of Oldenburg - he persuaded the Emperor of Russia from the Treasury to allocate funds to develop the fashionable fashionable resort. Since 1901, started the construction. Hotel "Gagripsh" was delivered disassembled from Norway, and the restaurant - from Vienna. In 1904, the palace was built by the Prince of Oldenburg.
Magnificent colonnade, located by the sea, known to many in the film "An Evening in Gagra." It fit perfectly natural composition of green palm branches, and the boundless blue of the ocean surf.
With the advent of the ancient settlement, with Gagra linked one of the legends: Apskha - King of Abkhazia - was from Aqua. He lived comfortably, only one did not carry it - as soon as he was born a son, the first night the baby disappeared out of the cradle. Since he lost his thirteen sons. Apskha turned to the wise:
- What to do? - What to do?
-Look for the Promised Land - was the answer - a wife shall bear thee a son, and he will remain with you.
Apskha gathered on the road, plunged into a big boat all you need, and took his wife and relatives, and set off. Three days at sea was of a boat, and on the fourth day she clung to a deserted beach, surrounded by mountains. There was a lot of game and fruit, and decided to settle here permanently Apskha. A year later, his wife, for the fourteenth time was to become a mother, but this time some of the tract Adgur Achba Pskhu, was hunting in the mountains. He saw from the mountain top Mamzyshha Sea and went down.
He wandered along the beach, until the smell of smoke, and hurried to the place where he lived Apskha. Royally Achba was adopted, and he told a guest host on his misadventures, and shared joy: now he was waiting for the appearance of an heir. Indeed, the night, the woman bare Apskhe boy, put it in the cradle, and in the morning to my horror found that the cradle is empty. Long sought Apskha kidnapper, only then found out that the child took the guest.
Adgur Achba lived with his four brothers, they are then brought up the prince. When he became a young man, went Achba with his brothers and a prince to the sea, and said Apskhe:
- This young man, your son. I decided to help you protect it.
Warmly thanked Apskha Achbu:
- Take a reward that you want: horses, fruits, jewelry.
- Thanks, - said Achba - put us on our land, we will live together rich and fun.
Achba hesitated and did not want him to have a neighbor, but he tells him a son:
- If you do not comply with the request Achby, go with him to the mountains.
Apskha frightened, and agreed. A brother Adgur gave land in Sochi, the other - the area Abzhuaa, third - Lykhny, and fourth - Okuma. From them, and went kind of Abkhazians.
Abkhazia - an amazing country with a long history and unique culture. Country soul - the Abkhaz call their homeland. Abkhazia is truly a paradise on earth. Blue sea, the beautiful sun and sea air Mining give everyone who comes here a charge of vivacity and good mood. It does not want to leave. It would have admired the surf, breathing air filled with aroma of mountain herbs, conifers and deciduous trees.
Saying goodbye to the fantastic country, I want to look back, and ... of course, to come here again! Goodbye, Apsny until next time!
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