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Abkhazia Part 1 - Country Soul

Nature has generously endowed this land. The sea breeze is mixed with the tart smell of eucalyptus and the scent of flowers. Caucasian majestic mountains protect the region from the cold north winds, and warm sea makes the local climate mild. And everywhere the traces of ancient civilizations.
Abkhazia - Country Soul
Natural features native Abkhazia from the French Riviera. In these places, more than two hundred days of sunshine a year! The sea water temperature is high even in late autumn, and its composition - curative. The swimming season lasts from May to October. Resorts Abkhazia, motels, boarding houses and hotels, are located on the slopes of the mountains, in the valleys and on the coast. Here you can take a trip deep into the ages, and see evidence of the legendary past of the Abkhazian kingdom.
In Sukhumi, on the bottom of the bay, near the Black Sea coast lies Atlantis, the legendary Dioscuri. In the city the remains of the Great Wall of Abkhazia. Weave classical, European, East, and most of the Abkhaz national cultures, all this says about today's Abkhazia. Samples unique polyphonic singing, hot dances, she conquered the audience in the villages and in the most prestigious concert venues, expressive theater.
The fall in the midst of peak season, in a grove of pines relic in the temple of the IX century the festival of organ music, take part in it outstanding musicians from many countries. The concerts are held under the arches of the ancient temple, it restored murals, images of Christ and the twelve apostles. Altarpiece painted in the old style conveys two important episodes from the life of Christ - the death and resurrection.
Spiritual center of Abkhazia is in New Athos, the monastery is famous for its relics. They belong to a time when Christianity is Abkhazian land apostles preached Andrew and Simon the Zealot. Restored cathedral monastery complex has always attracted pilgrims, each of them - their shrines. Alley leads to the temple of repentance - ancient staircase framed by cypress trees planted in honor of the Emperor Alexander III in the middle of the XIX century.
In six hundred meters from the sea, up the river Ptsirtsha, is the grotto. In it the legend during the three years he lived Saint Simon the Zealot, who was killed in 55 AD, not far from his cell. About a thousand years ago on the site of his burial Anakopii residents built a temple. Athos over the domes of cathedrals towering walls and towers of the castle. This combination represents ethical and military power of Abkhazia. In the vast sea is blue given, shading evergreen mountain cover Abkhazia. According to legend, the defenders of the fortress guns, make them invulnerable, forged the spirit of the mountains.
Not far from the monastery is the famous Athos Cave, discovered in the middle of the last century. Amaze huge stalactites, like the ancient statues, the height and color of iridescent vaults. Deep inside the cave transports tourists train, its route stretching more than a kilometer. All of Abkhazia - large botanical garden. Eucalyptus trees grow along the roads, their ability to restore air unique, bark and tree crowns exude essential oils. On the slopes of the vast tangerine orchards.
Most rare plants from all over the world gathered in Sukhumi Botanical Garden. Nature in a pristine alpine Abkhazia variety surrounds Lake Riza. In chetyrehkilometrovoy blue-green surface reflects the sky, in the cool depths plays trout. From Ritsa is the way to Avadharskim mineral springs. Back in the first century AD, the Romans discovered the amazing properties of the local mineral waters, they are appreciated, along with world standards.
In sanatoriums, recreation complexes mastered all the techniques for relaxation and therapy. Free leisure and tourism in Abkhazia popular for good reason - there was a lot of hotels. They are designed for different features guests from first-class to humble, small and cozy.
Architecture Abkhazian resorts Soviet period - a kind of landmark. Among the health centers, there are legendary - Stalin's Dacha in Gagra, giving Nikita Khrushchev in Pitsunda, and the residence of Mikhail Gorbachev in Myussera. Equipped beaches and hiking paths, any season pleases abundance of vegetables and fruits, and most importantly - a unique national character, and the famous Caucasian hospitality. No wonder the country is called Abkhazia soul - here everyone finds what he likes. Come to Abkhazia, and do not look for heaven on earth, it is - here.
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