Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bahrain part 1 - Beautiful Kingdom of Bahrain

Beautiful Kingdom of Bahrain - The Kingdom of Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain—a name that translates as "Two Seas"—is actually an archipelago of 33 low-lying islands located in the heart of the Gulf. Situated along traditional Arabian and international trade routes between Asia and the West, the Kingdom has served as an important port and center of business for thousands of years. Today, the capital city of Manama is a vibrant cosmopolitan center offering an open society and an educated workforce enhanced by modern cultural am enities like museums, shopping, restaurants and fine hotels.

Though modest in population, land area and resources, Bahrain has achieved considerable social and economic status. Our modern roads, international airport, telecommunications, public services, medical facilities and schools are considered among the best in the Middle East, if not the world.

Located just 25 kilometers from Saudi Arabia and the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, Bahrain is easily accessible by sea, air and even automobile via the King Fahd Causeway. Completed in 1986, the causeway provides a symbolic and virtual link between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, connecting the archipelago to mainland Arabia for the first time since people first inhabited the islands. Today, the causeway serves as a vital link to the entire Middle East.

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