Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Andorra Part 3 - Little Europe Andorra

Andorra - Little Europe, the Principality of Andorra
Until a little more than a generation ago and our, was an impoverished and isolated backwater. Churches dates back to the twelfth and thirteen centuries. There’s Dhoni Romanesque built towers stand strong as the surrounding peers. That same local stone is used today as a building boom illustrates how lately the principality has flourished. Since world war two the population has increased temple. Recently endurance have become quite wealthy. 

The mountains that kept the principality both isolated and poor are now a source of its prosperity. Hiking and skiing are understandably big business here. And endorse employs those special economic weapons so popular among europe’s little states. Easygoing banking, duty-free shopping, and low low taxes. It’s more from our rough-and-tumble smugglers to a high-tech, high-altitude shoppers hit famous ports low prices.

Well and orrin speak Catalonian have an affinity for the Spanish region of Catalonia and Barcelona. The commercial environment here is international as can be. The country’s capital in dominant city and or the ballot is a mostly modern town with the charm of a giant shopping mall. While most know this place for it shops and for what locals claim is the biggest spot in Europe. 

Pockets of old-world charm to higher ground center. The country’s parliament building, a private residence back in the sixteenth century today it houses endorsed cluster phobic parliament chamber. It has twenty eight seats that’s four representatives for each of the seven parishioners with portrait of the current conferences and on the wall.

Well a humble reminder of a simple past endurance still looked at this building for leadership as their country builds and ever better life for its citizens. 
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