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Albania Part 4 - Welcome to Tirana!

Best photos of modern Tirana - Albanian capital
People, Attractions, Monuments
This is only the beginning of a bright future of the country!
Democracy and Progress is challenging ... but not impossible.
This is a collection of perhaps the best photos of Tirana - Albania's capital on the internet. I like it very much, so I decided to make a slide show of the photos. You might also like this video, and if it is so, please rate it.
Center of Tirana - Skanderbeg Square
Amazing city is the capital of Albania, Tirana only since 1920, despite the fact that the city itself was founded in 1614. Tirana is very compact and quite pleasant for walking. If you take a tour of Tirana, with a high probability it will begin with a huge main square - Skanderbeg Square. Square was named in honor of the national hero, the liberator of Albania. Or George Kastrioti Skanderbeg was the leader of Albanian uprising against the Ottoman Empire, he and his exploits were composed of old folk songs. Skanderbeg Square is bounded on the east elevation - the so-called mountain Dadzhti a height of about 1610 meters.
Attractions Tirana
Not far from the square is the market for which is also nice to walk around. It is quite original, almost real bazaar. Hardly in any other European capital, you can find a similar market right in the center of town! On Skanderbeg Square are other attractions such as the Museum and the Opera House. There is also a mosque and an amazing monument and actually very Skanderbeg. It even has its own playground.
Museum of Albania
In Tirana you can visit the largest and richest museum Albania - is the National Historical Museum, which is located near the pyatnadtsatietazhnoy International Hotel in Tirana. International Hotel, as it may seem, is the tallest building in the whole of Albania, and the facade of the building is decorated with beautiful mosaic mural. It should be noted that the National Museum of History, even in its architecture reminds a lot of people are already familiar. That's right, the Museum was built in the Soviet past, preserved monumental Soviet architecture.
Another example of Soviet architecture is the Palace of Culture, which is located east of Tirana International Hotel. The Palace of Culture has its own theater, restaurant, several cafes and art galleries.
Even further - to the south of the capital - the Boulevard Deshmoret-e-combos, is the Congress Palace, built in a very modern style, and quite interesting Archaeological Museum. The Archaeological Museum of Tirana, you can enjoy the fantastic variety of exhibits ranging from prehistoric times and ending the Middle Ages. Tirana attractions can be mentioned and the Museum of National Culture and the Museum of Natural History. You can still visit the magnificently beautiful Art Gallery of Tirana. Perhaps the most beautiful views of the city opened to the so-called "Graveyard of the Martyrs' and Mount of Glory, which is amazing, and the monument" Mother - Albania! "
Mosque Etem Mei
At the southern entrance to the Palace of Culture is the National Library of Albania, and directly across from the entrance to the Library is a mosque Etem May, built in 1789 - 1823 years. The mosque has an area of ​​the dome and minaret, but in the past the Soviet atheistic country in the mosque located public toilet, despite the fact that the mosque is one of the most impressive and beautiful buildings in the city, not to mention the religious component. Not far from the Mosque of Ethem Mei is the Clock Tower of Tirana. This clock tower was built back in 1830, and it is quite beautiful and remarkable.
In general, the center of Tirana quite gorgeous and well-kept, and the sense of uniqueness, grandeur and simplicity, and on the other a painfully familiar "Soviet", not abandon you, perhaps, anywhere in the country.
Beaches Albania
In Albania, many beaches, which come so many Europeans. Of course, to go to the beaches of Albania better in the summer, but even at the end of winter to have enough warm and sunny! In Tirana, the most - and in many other cities of Albania - National flag with the double-headed eagle hanging wherever you can hang him. Flag hanging even unfinished house, which is full of the city or the sights.
Mother Teresa
In the central square of Tirana started leaving to University avenue. Here you can see the monument to Mother Teresa, who found right next to the local university. By the way, Mother Teresa of Albanian origin, and many of the names in Albania after her. For example, the Tirana Airport is named after Mother Teresa. Strange as it seems, but in Albanian "mother" sounds something like "nanny."
Enver Hoxha Pyramid Memory
After walking along the embankment of the river Lana, in the south of Tirana, you can see the white marble walls of the Museum of Enver Hoxha, or so-called "pyramid" Memory. The facility was built on the draft of Enver Hoxha's daughter in memory of her father, a prominent communist leader of Albania. Currently, "Pyramid" occasionally used as a center for exhibitions, but in the future it is planned to make the International Cultural Center. Here, according to the plan will be carried out and the biggest disco in Europe!
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