Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Australia Part 9 - The Twelve Apostles

The great natural wonders of Australia - The Twelve Apostles
In this video, David Attenborough tells and shows amazing wonder of nature - the Twelve Apostles off the coast of Melbourne, Australia. Amazing cliffs rising up from the ocean. Film BBC.
The Twelve Apostles
The Twelve Apostles - so called amazing Marine National Park in Australia (or Twelve Apostles Marine National Park). This Marine National Park covers an area of about 7,500 hectares (or 19,000 acres). The Twelve Apostles are located near the town of Port Campbell, which lies to the south-west coast of Victoria, Australia.
The park is named in honor of the beautiful cliffs of the same name - The Twelve Apostles - in the park itself is wrecked clipper "Loch Ard", which ran aground near Bird Island in 1878. Twelve Apostles border to Port Campbell and Great Otway national park.
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