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Zambia part 7 - Extreme Route: Zambia.

Extreme Route: Zambia. Zambia: Victoria Falls, fishing on the Zambezi, crocodiles and hippos, as well as the tribe of zombies.
Extreme Route
Andrew Urzhumtsev: 
- Arriving at Victoria Falls last. 30 000 (thirty thousand) miles behind me, let me get on the bike here. Thank God, do not, but allowed and provided an accompanying c terms of promotion - Victoria Falls, a waterfall but it does not need this - it's one of the most famous places in Africa, a place where four countries meet: Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe . I watched this crazy, trying somehow to swim on the boards. That is, I now do not understand how it is? One mistake and you're down - and then fly for a long time, the noise is incredible, lots of water, ie power of such a crazy beauty of the place ...
- Yes, You're all beautiful, look! Big catch!
- Rent Andrei, are you caught! Oh you photographed!
- This is for beginners luck! Tiger-fish (Tiger Fish), please.
- This is the Zambezi River, and this - Zambeziysky elephant. Ha-ha-ha! I have nothing more intelligent to say I can not! Because I caught just such a bastard, here with his teeth - it is beneath me now, under my ass! In general, I am afraid to be honest. Here are the elephants in the wild (naturally), not in a zoo, ladies and gentlemen hunters! This is not what you have to go there with berdyankoy ...
- That's how people jumped - and no man ...
- Yes, but ...
- No, well, there is no chance of any sort - then watch out, everything floated, everything. Look out there's another one!
- Yeah.
- We have here the "WTO", only I do not know how ... but recommended.
- I'm in a tribe Zombie. The tribe, for which there are no boundaries in fact - their territory, and in Zambia, and Tanzania. Now the whole village dancing, well almost everything.
- Be a leader - it's a calling.
- It's hard work for you?
- Yes, it's hard work. In your home is always a lot of people. You talk to them. Decide who is right. After all, everyone - my interest, but I try to be a democratic leader. We live in a community. I want everybody to be happy with life.
- But before you worked a teacher?
- Yes.
- But being a leader is better?
- Of course. It is much better. Because, you get whatever you want. Ha-ha-ha! And for free. I bring food: goats, and all that is grown. Bring honey. And all for free! This is very interesting.
- It's a good job?
- I really like it.
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