Saturday, August 25, 2012

Grenada part 2 - Spice Island Grenada

Spice Island Grenada

The Spice Island, as Grenada is known, due to its production of nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon is situated on the southernmost point of the Windward Islands. The sheer beauty of this island will take your breath away, mountainous valleys teeming with hundreds of species of flowering plants and birds, cascading waterfalls and volcanic peaks dropping down to hidden coves of black sand and wide bays with stretches of golden unspoilt beach. St George, the capital of Grenada merges French, British and West Indian flavours with its multicoloured swirl of pink, yellow and blue houses topped with red tiled roofs, busy colourful market and one of the Caribbean? most beautiful natural harbours. Nightlife here is very low key, but with such stunning scenery and the wonderfully friendly Grenadian hospitality you will hardly notice.
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